AMAZING burger pop-up, the history of the universe, Passing Clouds and what I don’t want.

9 Oct

Long time (well, kinda) no speak! I’ve been reasonably busy over the last few weeks… mainly heading on three holidays in September, so don’t feel sorry for me. But it did mean I was a bit slow updating the ol’ blog as I now have just TOO MUCH to chat about. So: I’m going to do a bit of a London update and then next week I’ll write up my September holiday highlights (Berlin and Barcelona – both places I’ve been before). Until then, enjoy reading about some of the things I’ve got up to recently!

EAT: A few months back I blogged about a Malaysian pop-up at Soho pub, the Sun and 13 Cantons. It was epic. And now, another can’t miss pop-up has taken residency in the kitchen of the Sun and 13. Chef Adam Rawson won the Slider Decider award and he’s brought his burgers to Soho for a limited time. And fuck me, they’re delicious.

If you’ve even read this blog ONCE you’ll know I’m a burger fan. So when I saw ks_ate_here (delicious food porn from around London) Instagram a gorgeous looking burger at the Sun and 13, my lunchtime was sorted. As was the lunchtime of half of the people of work with because we all follow ks_ate_here… and the Sun and 13 Cantons is about 30 seconds from my office!


So, this is the deal: the burger above is the Pan Con Chicharron (Aged Galician patty, smoked cheddar, aji  rocotto ketchup, aji Amarillo mustard, salsa criolla & crispy pork ). The only side available (which OF COURSE I got as well) are onion rosemary and aioli chips. The chips were really good – very strong aioli, which I loved, and a generous helping of the stuff too, balanced nicely with the rosemary so it isn’t completely missed. Plus, crispy onions which are always welcome. True, no rosemary chips will ever beat Honest Burger’s in my opinion, but these were damn good.

The burger was one of the best I’ve ever had in London. The patty was thick and flavoursome – juicy so you can get a perfect bite with the brioche-esque bun, and it wasn’t overpowered by all the yummy extras. The onions were SO SO GOOD (plus, c’mon, really pretty) and the bun held together really well. One of my colleagues had the veggie options (Crispy aubergine, truffle aioli, wild rocket, gorgonzola & balsamic onions ) which looked packed and not the rubbish excuse for a burger some veggie options are – again, loads of filling and sauce, paired nicely with the right about of crispy aubergine.

Finally, anyone who tried both my burger and the Global Traveller said the Global Traveller was better. Don’t get me wrong, my burger (the Pan Con Chicharron was DAMN GOOD… but the Global Traveller is really damn good, basically. It comes with Aged Galician mince, truffle aioli, wild rocket, gorgonzola, Balsamic Onions & Pancetta.


Go while you can, eat allllll the things and then go back again to eat everything you didn’t try first time around. It goes without saying I’ll be returning to feast on the Global Traveller burger! Burgers are between £7.50-£9 and chips are £3.50.

SEE: My Dad got me tickets to see Brian Cox live, and I found myself on a Saturday night learning about the cosmos, how many universes there are (hint: loads), learning about the big bang, how the universe is expanding and how bloody wonderful Einstein’s theory of Relatively is as a model. Plus, there were loads of stunning photographs and simulations of our solar system which I loved.

I was actually really happy to see a packed theater (about 1,200 people) paying £30 to sit and learn about physics on a Saturday night… it gives me hope that we’re not all happy with settling for dumbed-down X Factor as our Saturday night entertainment. And it WAS entertaining; Brian Cox is an engaging speaker anyway and he does a good job of making things simple enough for people to understand. I reckon I probably ‘got’ about 50% of it which, honestly, I’m very happy with! Plus, Robin Ince was there to break things up and give a little comic relief in parts, which worked well.

We were shown how a bowling ball and a feather fall in a vacuum (so, how gravity actually affects the motion of masses without pesky air resistance getting in the way). On top of this, we were told about how far back we can see in space (basically, no more than 30,8 billion years because before that point the atoms in the universe were opaque, and not transparent, so light couldn’t get out). True, I may never use that fact again. But that’s not why we learn – it’s to pique our curiosity and to have a better understanding of the world… galaxy… universe… etc.


One of the highlights for me was the Cosmic Calendar. This is our universe, but shown as an Earth year. Basically, our galaxy has only been around since September (when Earth was formed). Complex organisms (predators, animals with eyes and teeth) evolved on December 17th (my birthday, whoop!) Dinosaurs became extinct on December 30th. And humans rocked up in the final seconds of New Years Eve. Which is a lot to get your head around and exceptionally humbling. It’s fascinating that our galaxy has been ‘stable’ (in terms of temperature and no supermassive black holes massively fucking things up) for billions of years, which is a key in factor in why life on Earth was able to evolve.

Anyway. I’m rambling and not explaining anything anywhere NEAR as clearly as Brian Cox did. But it was a great show which I’d recommend seeing – or, catch him next time he tours, for sure. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday night.

LISTEN: I went to a march a few weeks back to show Hackney Council, London and the rest of the UK that London cannot keep losing venues of such community importance as Passing Clouds. The venue was sold by their landlord to a developer who is going to strip away my favourite venue, a place with live music, poetry, dance classes, community projects, charity work and more, to be turned into yet more dull offices.

Trying to stop my spiritual home from being taken away @itspassingclouds #savepassingclouds

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So, I marched. I marched from Shoreditch to Haggerston, along with hundreds of other people, peacefully protesting the closure of the venue. We also marched to raise awareness of Passing Clouds, as they are trying one last thing: they’re applying to Hackney Council to become a listed place of community importance. Which, honestly, it is. They give up and coming artists and musicians a stage, they run soup kitchens and other charity initiatives and it’s the most inclusive and colourful/safe space I’ve found in London to go out.

If you would like to help, you can do so by simply signing the petition (for Hackney Council to list Passing Clouds as a place of community importance) here. Thank you. x

LOVE: So it’d been a fair few months since I’d been on a date (I decided to take a break and head to the gym instead), but in September I thought I’d give dating a bit of prioritisation (after food, sleep, holidays and work, lol) and I dating three different guys over the course of the month.

And in September, I realised a few things about what I want in a person. So, although I didn’t meet anyone who was right for me, I’ve learned some things which aren’t right for me. So, here those things are (mainly for my reference so I don’t make the same mistake again!)


  • Much as I respect people’s choices, dating someone who is not only vegan, but also a tee-total anti-capitalist was a bit much, I Cannot stress enough that I have no issues with any of those things. And if he’d only been vegan/only been tee-total/only been anti-capitalist, I think it would have been fine. But as a meat eating, drinking woman who works in the advertising industry, there just wasn’t the meeting of minds that there needed to be to progress to a second date.
  • Dress sense matters. I happen to dress very colourfully and, much as I love a guy who embraces colour, I’m realistic and can happily deal with jeans and a white t-shirt. However, when someone rocks up to a date dressed like a pimp (velvet jackets, purple silk shirt, chain) AND then starts on men at the bar, it’s all a bit much. (This happened.)


  • I hate the world spark. I really do. But if whatever physical thing you need to want to sleep with someone isn’t there, then it isn’t there. I think I have to admit that looks DO matter… what kind of looks I don’t know, but someone could have an amazing personality and want the same things as me in life… but if I don’t want to jump them, then there’s no point persevering with the dates.

So there we go. I learned a lot and had some interesting dates with some lovely men, but it just wasn’t going to work out. Onwards and upwards. Well… onwards, at least (I’m being realistic) 😉


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