Granger and Co, Spiritland, Troy Bar and same old.

18 Oct

EAT: I‘m going to keep this one short and nearly as sweet as the glorious Ricotta Hotcakes from Granger and Company. I’m not joking – take a look at the bad boys below.


So, these hotcakes are on the breakfast/brunch menu and it’s taken me ages to try them because I rarely wake up early enough at the weekend to get them (pre-12pm). However, get there before noon and you can get Ricotta Hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter.

The hotcakes are SO light – totally beautiful. They’re basically cheesecakey-style pancakes… but they don’t taste of cheese. They’re just light, and when you cut through them you’re faced with more light, fluffy and tasty goodness.

The banana balances out the maple syrup and the honeycomb butter sweetness well and the whole thing isn’t *too much* at all. It’s just delicious and absolutely worth getting up early and £12 for.

SEE: I went to Kings Cross a few weeks ago and headed towards Granary Square – the bit next to Regent’s Canal and has seen a whole load of new restaurants and bars spring up.

Two things are here that you should see: firstly, the lovely light installation (see below). There are tables next to the light fountains and it’s really relaxing (even in the cold!) to just sit and get sucked in to the show.

Future garden water feature. #fountain #London

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The second place you should see is Spiritland. It’s a place for food and drink, but above all, music. It’s now got a long-term home in Kings Cross  (it was a pop up not long back) and it’s known for the increeeeedible speaker system that lines the main wall in the bar. Well, the bar/restaurant… but the lighting is sexy and the table are chilled out enough for you to not get a formal restaurant vibe.


Honestly, the sound system is world-class and if you’re even remotely an audiophile, GO. They have trendy indie beers available, lots of wine and spirits and the DJ that was there on the night I went was SO good. A fantastic mix of funk, soul and almost tribal music… it’s the sort of stuff that creates a wonderful atmosphere and makes you stop mid-way through conversation to just chat about how great the song playing is. Really good date location, head there and see for yourself!

LISTEN: So, there’s a very unassuming place in Shoreditch. From the outside it sort of looks like a school cafeteria. Or a town hall… a small one, with those plastic chairs and mis-matched tables. However, Troy Bar is a hidden gem – seriously, I know there aren’t many hidden gems in London now, but this place really is.


I went on a Friday when they hold an ‘open mic’ Jazz jam session. The jazz played was great! Honestly, really talented people who not only played well together but also were given the opportunity to play solo, and the trombonist and drummer were amazing. For the first hour or two (doors open at 9pm, music starts at 10pm) the music was just free flowing. After a 30-minute break, the cover versions started – Michael Jackson, James Brown and more. Again, great covers and by this time it was 1am and everyone was up and dancing… but there was still plenty of space in Troy Bar. Why? Because it’s honestly still a hidden gem. I’ll be going back soon, for sure.

LOVE: Need to stop meeting guys off of online dating apps (well… Ok Cupid and Tinder) and believing they have any interest in anything vaguely resembling a long term relationship (e.g. more than 3 dates).



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