Flat Iron burger, walking ftw, George Michael and knowing your life plans.

28 Dec

Ok, so STILL writing my blog post on India. Apparently doing loads of stuff and visiting loads of places means it takes forever to write about it…

Anyway, just leaving a blog post here so I don’t forget what I’ve been up to in the lead up to Christmas!

EAT: At long last I went to Flat Iron when they had a burger special on. I know, they have them on a lot, but for some reason whenever I go the special is a fancy bit of steak. But, at last, I’ve had a Flat Iron burger and my GOD it was incredible.


Look at it.  The ‘Cornish Burger’ special is a beef patty in lightly toasted sesame seed bun with a helluva lot of béarnaise sauce. Yup, that’s not cheese, that’s SAUCE. It was thick enough to hold the burger together but not so thick that it took away from the incredible taste of the meat.

I always have my burgers well done – it tasted amazing. The flavour was stronger than the burgers at the likes of Byron, Honest and others, stronger in a good way of course! I actually love the taste of the beef so much (it wasn’t even seasoned, it was just da bomb) I got rid of half of the burger bun so I could focus on béarnaise and burger.

Of course, a trip to Flat Iron isn’t complete without ALL THE SIDES. Triple cooked chips (so crispy), salad (for some reason so much fresher and tastier than salad elsewhere… I think it’s because they use so much lamb’s lettuce which is the best of all the leaves FACT), cheesey aubergine, creamed spinach and a lovely craft cider. For the love of god, if you haven’t been, sort your life out and go visit Flat Iron.

SEE: So, this isn’t going to be about a particular event I’ve been to or thing I’ve done. I just want to put down in writing how much I bloody love seeing London by walking. London is an easy city to walk – plenty of paths, hidden areas to explore, it’s pretty flat and you don’t really have much excuse for getting in a car (at the end of the day, if the bus is held up, your car will be too. USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT GUYS, especially when it’s as good as it is in London).

Basically, if it’s not tipping it down I’ll walk. In the final week before we broke up for the Christmas holidays, I walked to and from the tube station (around 35 minutes each way) and despite the air being a little chilly, it is such a nice, easy walk to do! In the summer I actually walked from home (Battersea) to work (Soho) just because it’s so lovely to be outside for that 75 minutes rather than crammed on the Tube for 20!

Plus, these days it’s SO easy to be lazy. I’d far rather get an extra 60 minutes exercise than not; then again, it’s only this last year since doing way more walking that I’ve acknowledged it’s actually an amazing form of exercise (I used to believe that if you ain’t sweating then you ain’t exercising), but that’s changed now.

Plus: great way to work out if the heels I’ve just purchased are keepers: if you can’t walk a mile in a pair of shoes, return them immediately  😉


LISTEN: On Christmas day the news broke that George Michael had passed away, aged 53. Now, with a lot of celebs who have died this year, I’ve been fans of them but I because a fan after they were really at their peak (Bowie, for example). However, I remember as a kid George Michael’s Older and Patience being released and, along with my mum (uber fan) loving the records.

Yes, Wham were great for the Pop hits. But George Michael was, like Bowie and Prince, someone who did a lot to change the way male sexuality was discussed and viewed. He was slammed by the tabloids (who are fawning over him now he’s dead, fuck the S*n) for not only being gay, but for also having casual sex.

In the video for ‘I Want Your Sex’ he wrote ‘explore monogamy’ – this is before he came out, even in the early 90s he was challenging the idea that in order to be in a relationship, or to be allowed to enjoy sex, you have to be monogamous (personally, I believe that non-monogamous relationships can absolutely work if both people are open to them and, honestly, they’re a lot more realistic in terms of basic biology. After all, monogamy, marriage and the like are simply social constructs).

Anyway; following I Want Your Sex we had the likes of Freedom, a BRILLIANT tune and anthem. Fast Love, Faith, Flawless, Amazing… all fantastic tunes. And that video for Outside? SO STRONG. Notice how the people arrested in the video are gay men and men; the women all escape and the straight couples manage to get away with public displays of affection.

Anyway. I sincerely doubt that I’m telling you anything you don’t already know. That George Michael, despite the drugs and mini scandals, was a brilliant man and musicians. What he did for the LGBT community, and his numerous *fuck yous* to the establishment and social norms, shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m going to leave you with one of my many favourites of his: Freedom.

LOVE: Christmas is a time when a lot of people tend to get depressed if they’re single. Which I can understand, if all they want from life is a wedding and a family. Which, many people do.

I met up with my old friends from home when I was back over the Christmas period and one is engaged, the other has just bought a flat with her boyfriend and the other has a flat, engagement ring and a wedding in August. Which is bloody wonderful, as they all have what they want with the people they want too 🙂


But I was very aware that while talking to them they assumed that there was no point asking about my love life (which is actually pretty damn good, but maybe it was because it’s not heading towards a flat or a ring). Regarding the flat – it’s only possible to purchase a flat these days if you have rich family or you buy with a partner. Even if I had either of those options available to me I know what would happen (it’s what currently happens at the moment): I’d see some savings and think ‘fuck the flat, I want to go on an adventure’.

The point I’m making is; if you were feeling lonely or upset this Christmas, take a bit of time to work out what you actually want. WHY do you want the flat? WHY do you want a marriage… is it actually just a wedding you want, or to catch up with your friends and where they are in their lives? My wants and needs in life are seeing as much of the world as I’m able to – if someone is with me at the time then fantastic. But if not, it beats sitting on a sofa (whether I own the sofa or not).


Everyone is different. In terms of what they need and what they want to get out of life. The only question you should be asking yourself this Christmas or at midnight on December 31st is “what do I want to get out of life”? It’s only then that you’ll work out whether hunting down a mate to make a baby and buy a house should top your priorities list. For me? It’s making sure my career stays rockin’, I can afford to go and see as much of the world as I possibly can, that I have a few bits put away for emergencies and I keep the people I love in my life: all of that achieved and I’m a happy gal.


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